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Aston Science Park

FCL Computing & Software Solutions Ltd
Faraday Wharf
Innovation Birmingham Campus
Holt Street
Birmingham Science Park Aston
Birmingham B7 4BB

Tel: 0121 250 3555
Fax: 0121 250 3517

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FCL Business Information Site:
Helping SMEs focus on sales, CRM and accounting.

Thank you for visiting computerisedaccounts.co.uk, one of FCL’s excellent business information sites.   FCL Computing & Software Solutions serves the Midlands and the UK from our Birmingham headquarters, and is an established business.

This advice site is set up for small to medium enterprises (SMEs), and focuses on sales and customer relationship management and, in line with the changing needs of a growing enterprise, FCL has carefully selected a variety of retailers to ensure that you get the right products.

As a business gets more established, flexible and customisable computerised accounting packages are often needed and providers like Sage, Quick Books, Clear Books, and Kashflow all offer computerised accounting packages which provide enough range.

Amazon has a good selection of business books and software to help you get the best out of your computerised accounting and FCL’s links to Staples, PC World, Dell and Viking Office Products will ensure that you get everything you need to move your business forward.

At FCL Computing & Software Solutions, our aim is to support SMEs in Birmingham, West Midlands and Midlands with free and good quality sales and marketing information, some of which can be held on computerised accounts and be called up on management reports.